Subject: Your Renewal Code for Prabasi Membership
Dated: Aug 16, 2000
Dear Member,

Since this is the beginning of our financial year, it is time to
renew your membership. The new membership rates were communicated
to you in an earlier mail. You will be glad to know that members who
renew their membership before August 22 will get 100% discount for
Manna Dey's program on August 25. This mail describes how you can
renew your membership over the web in just a few minutes.

For future use, you may just want to remember that the Prabasi
Membership URL is:

This page details many membership questions that members have asked
over the past few days.

In this mail:

   1. New Membership Rates for 2000-2001
   2. Your Membership Data
   3. How to Renew Your Membership


Annual membership fee:

Couple :            $ 130.00
Single :            $  80.00
Dependant/Student : $  30.00
Patron :            $ 250.00

However, if you register early, before Sep 15, 2000 we have a
discounted rate for you, which is given under:

Annual Early-Bird Discounted Rate (before Sep 15)

Couple :            $ 110.00
Single :            $  60.00
Dependant/Student : $  25.00
Patron :            $ 250.00

Please register before Sep 15, to get the 'Early Bird' discount.


Based on the current state of our database, the following is the
membership data we have in our records:

Membership Number : 19982501

Name: Debbani Kundu

Telephone Numbers : 408-941-9858
Address : 931 Erie Circle

          Milpitas, CA 95035
Number of Children age 5 or less : 0
Number of Children more than 5 years old : 0
Number of Guests : 0
Student : Yes
Membership Type : Single            Yearly
Name of Spouse :
Parent Attendance : One

Email Address:

Based on this information your DISCOUNTED annual membership
fees is: $  75.00

Please note that this fees may change if you do not register
before Sep 15 or if your family status has changed.


We urge you to renew your membership through the web-based
membership system. This saves us volunteer time and keeps our
accounting clean. You may use your credit-card to pay for the
membership. This is fast, safe, easy and (again) saves a lot of
volunteer time that goes in accounting.

You have two ways to renew your membership.

(1) Just click on the link below and follow the steps on the
    web-page. removed...
                     -- OR --

(2) Go to and type the following information in the appropriate fields:

Membership Number: removed
Membership Renewal Code: removed

Then follow instructions on the web-page.

Though we prefer payment by credit-card, you may also pay by check.
In case you decide to pay by check (the web-page will ask your
choice of payment), an Email will be sent to you mentioning the
address where you need to mail the check.

Since membership rates go up on September 15, please avoid the
last minute rush by registering early. Our server is not able to
take heavy loads, so you may save some frustration by registering

Sincerely Yours,

- Anupam Bagchi
Prabasi Webmaster

                                              Dated: 08/16/2000
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.