Subject: 100% discount for Manna Dey Concert
Dated: Aug 18, 2000
Dear Member,

First of all, We would like to thank you for the overwhelming response
we're getting for Manna Dey Concert on Aug.25 at Chabot College.

Prabasi has mailed a hard copy Membership Letter alongwith a
membership renewal form to all our Members today, Aug. 18. We hope
that all of you should receive the letter by this weekend. Please
renew your membership immediately to get 100% discount in Manna Dey's

National Promoter of Manna Dey in North America, Mr. Tariq Mahboob
has told us that Manna Dey will perform in San Francisco on Aug. 25,
Atlanta on Aug.27 and New York on Sept. 2, before leaving for India on
Sept 4. According to him, Manna Dey is not scheduled to perform any
more concerts in North America this year(2000). So please don't
miss this opportunity to listen to this Legendary Singer. Before San
Francisco, Manna Dey has performed in the East Coast and Canada, where
his performance had been outstanding.

For those of you, who are renewing their Membership, Please consider
the cultural programs we have scheduled this year. We have Manna Dey
on Aug. 25 at Chabot College, Suman, Lopamudra, Indrani Sen, Sriradha
during Durga Puja for the annual membership fee. If you have to
attended these programs as a non-member, it would have cost you a
minimum of $100 per person to listen to all the five artists that
we're offering. Bay Area Prabasi has been in existence for 26 years
with your support, and we continue to the best with your membership

We strongly urge you to become Patron & Regular Members. Patron
Membership fee is $250 per couple for whole year with Food. Any
additional dependent under 16 is $50 for whole year with Food.

If you sign up for Couple Patron Membership ($250) before Manna Dey's
concert, you will be eligible for Two Free $40tickets($80 discount)
with reserved seating in Manna Dey's concert plus the benefit of
tax deduction for donation to Non-profit Organization. Family Patron
Membership ($350) entitles you to have four tickets of the same
proce for the concert.

If you sign up for regular membership ($60/single,$110/Couple and $25
for each dependent under 16 years) before Menna Dey's concert, you
will be eligible for FREE $20 ticket for Manna Dey's concert. For
example, if you are a couple Member and had paid $110, you will be
eligble for Two $20 Tickets ($40 discount). We think this is the best
deal we can offer to our members for the whole year.


For Manna Dey's Tickets, Please contact the following, some of whom
are Prabasi Board of Directors:

Reema Mukherjee    408-844-9441
Tuku Ganguly       408-246-0285
Ardhendhu Raha     510-651-9149
Arnab Debnath      650-429-0370
Prasenjit Biswas   408-253-3727
Rana Bose          510-797-8679
Bhaskar Biswas     510-366-4633
Anupam Bagchi      408-774-0905
Surajit Sengupta   408-973-1294
Shyamal Choudhury  408-629-1506

Those who have already renewed their membership will be able to
collect their concert tickets at the gate. Please come in a little
early to collect your tickets. You may also collect the tickets from
the above people directly if you can negotiate a meeting place.


We urge you to renew your membership through the web-based
membership system. You will be given a choice to pay by credit-card
(preferred) or check.

Just click on the link below and follow the steps on the
web-page. removed...

Thank You for your continued support.

- Shyamal Choudhury
Chairman, Bay Area Prabasi Inc.

                                              Dated: 08/18/2000
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.