Subject: A R Rahman Concert Tickets
Dated: Sep 11, 2000
Dear Member,

Prabasi is glad to inform you that it will support the greatest
musical production to come out of India hosted by Variety
Entertainment. Prabasi is participating in this event as a fund
raising campaign for two noble and humanitarian causes:

  1. The Arsenic project in West Bengal
  2. The orphanage project in Ram Krishna Mission

Please visit our web-site to get the details.

Fifteen percent of Ticket sale and sponsorship proceeds through
Prabasi will go towards the project. If you are a Prabasi member you
will also benefit preferred sitting arrangements.

     Date : Sunday, 8th October
     Venue : Cow Palace, San Francisco
     Time : 7:00 PM

Never before have so many singers assembled under one roof, and no one
can dare to do it except the musical genius of India - A.R. Rahman.
The show features 45 pieces of orchestra with the foremost musicians,
dancers and singers from India:

  1. Udit Narayan
  2. Kavita KrishnaMurty
  3. S.P Balasubramaniam
  4. Sadhna Sargam
  5. Hariharan
  6. Shankar Mahadeven
  7. Sukhvinder Singh - Dil Se fame
  8. Anupama
  9. Chitra
 10. Sujata
 11. Sivamani - the master drummer

This will also be a golden opportunity to support Prabasi and enjoy
the benefits and contribute towards our charitable projects.

Show tickets are as follows:

     Floor (VVIP) : $500.00
     Floor (VIP) : $300.00
     Elevated Floor : $175.00
     Box Seat (above elevated floor) : $135.00
     Dress Circle : $85.00
     Corners : $55.00

Please look at seating arrangements on our web-site to decide on the
best location for you. Prabasi will be blocking 50 seats for $500
denomination, 50 seats for $300, 150 seats for $175, 50 seats for $135
and 100 seats each for $85 and $55 denomination. Preferred seating
will be as close as possible to the stage.

Children not occupying a seat and below 5 years are free. For
reservation of tickets, please email
giving following details:

     Phone Number:
     Number of Tickets:
     Ticket Denomination:

Tickets will be issued during Indrani Sen concert and Durga Puja with
receipt of the check. Please do not mail any check prior to that.

For sponsorship, please contact Surajit Sengupta at

- Anupam Bagchi
Prabasi Webmaster

                                              Dated: 09/11/2000
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.