Subject: Special note from Chairman
Dated: Oct 11, 2000
Dear Member,

Thanks a lot for all the positive feedback that we have received from
you after Durga Puja. Also, many of you have asked where to send the
flood donation checks. This mail has the address and other details
about flood relief.

In this mail:
   1. Prizes for Chilldren's Event
   2. Special note from Chairman
   3. Where to send flood relief donations


There are some children who did not collect their prize (for the
drawing competition on Saturday); if their parents can give us their
address, we can mail it to them. The prizes are Barnes & Nobel gift

The winners are :

Age Group 4-7 : Sampurna Basu (1st prize)
   Shiti Ghosh (2nd prize)
   Sauma Kundu (3rd)

Age Group 8-11 : Ayush Chakravarty (2nd)
   Aditya Saha (3rd)

Age Group 12-14 : Surja Kundu (1st)


Now that Durga Puja is over and we have exchanged our Bijoya
greetings, Prabasi's Board of Directors and officers would like to
thank all of you, our members, for making the program so successful.

Despite all our good intentions, it is impossible to make a program of
such a large size work without the money, cooperation and support of
all the community members.  Thank you all.  With your continued
support we promise to keep up our efforts to bring you the best
performers from India and also from among our local artistes this
coming year and each year that we remain as officers from Prabasi.

We would also like to take this moment to to acknowledge the extra
efforts of some of our members and friends.  It is impossible to keep
even simple events like registration and serving Bhog moving in a
satisfactory manner without volunteers.

Prabasi would also like to thank those who helped us particularly Dr.
Namita Bagchi (our Patron members Devyani and Krishnendu Choudhury
mother who is currently visiting from India), Papiha Nandy, Basker
Biswas, Nissar Ahmed (Bay Area Bangladeshi Association member), Mrinal
Sarkar and Nandini Pal. And of course Anupam Bagchi who has created a
truly amazing Prabasi website and database system to facilitate smooth

Again this year, Ramen Chakravorty assited by Archana Boudi performed
the Pujas and we thank them as well as Dr.Joya Chatterjee and the
entire puja team for managing the Puja.

We would also like to invite any of you to come forward and help us as
volunteers in future events.  We realize and appreciate that it is
difficult to make large commitments on your time during the year but
just a few hours during events to look after registration tables,
escort visiting artistes back and forth from airports/hotels, find
misplaced mishti's or doi, or make a quick dash for last minute
copying jobs are very welcome.

A special thanks also to our young ones and those that helped
coordinate the children's events.  Angira Dey choreographed an
excellent performance from our youngsters with music and laser lights.
Our youngsters also had the honor of being a part of the AR Rahman
show and Bay Area Prabasi was honored and thanked in front of a packed
Cow Palace Auditorium.  A special thank you to Surajit and Gargi
Sengupta for their efforts in extending our organization's visibility
outside our community.

Sushmita Bhattacharya's excellent dance choreography and Anuradha
Ray's top class Natak have reaffirmed our commitment to hunt out and
promote local talents.   Subhen and Kohinoor along with Sandeep Dey (
who helped with stage lighting) kept us dancing!!  Prabasi wants
particularly to present our members' hidden talents so please do not
be shy to come forward and let us know if you have a band or can
perform other events that could be suitable for us.

In this membership year, we have already had several very succesful
events with large turnouts.  For both the Manna Dey and Indrani Sen
events, we had over 1400 and 800 people at very short notice.  On
Saturday, for Durga Puja, we had over 2,000 members, family, guests,
friends, and well wishers who attended the Lopamudra and the local
program. Sriradha's program was attended by 800 people on Sunday. We
look forward to your feedback as to which events you enjoyed most as
well as your suggestions as to future artistes and program you would
like to see.  If you have personal  contacts among performers and
artists who have not yet performed in the Bay Area and would like to
help initiate any future events, we urge you to please send us an
email or just call us for discussion at our Board meetings.

However, none of this is possible without money!!!  Our funds from
memberships (thank you again all of you for sending in your dues in a
timely manner) help.  But Prabasi would specifically like to commend
our sponsors for their generosity.  Dave Mukherjee of Astral System,
NetGuru India and Dr.Ajoy Bose of Interra and Dr. Sudip Ghosh have for
being a donor/sponsor of this event.  Next event, it could be your
name that shines among our sponsors:  If your company(or you) would
like to sponsor future events, we remind you that as a non-profit
organization, donations to Prabasi are tax deductible and mutual
benefits are possible!!

There are many other people to thank and it would be difficult to list
all of them (including all the wives and families---and sometimes even
office colleagues---of our officers and Board members for tolerating
our meetings and long absences).  However, it is all worthwhile if we
feel we have pleased you.  Do let us know if our efforts are
appreciated or if you feel there is room for betterment.

Once again, thanks to you all again.

And now, We must get back to planning the Kali Puja event .... see you
all there.

- Shyamal Choudhury
Chairman, Bay Area Prabasi.


Several of you have asked where to send the donation money for flood
relief. The address is as follows:

Bay Area Prabasi Inc.
5270 Rooster Drive
San Jose  CA 95136

Please make the check payable to "Bay Area Prabasi Inc." and write
"Flood Relief" in the memo field.

For those of you who have not had a chance to gauge the depth of
devastation, please visit to see pictures of the damage and news coverage.

Board Of Directors of Bay Area Prabasi will decide, how to send the
fund. They might send it through Bharat Seva Ashram, Ramakrishna
Ashram or any other organization. Remember, your donations are

Once again, thanks for opening up your heart and donating whole-

- Anupam Bagchi
Prabasi Webmaster

                                              Dated: 10/11/2000
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.