Subject: Delay in Kali Puja announcement
Dated: Nov 02, 2000
Dear Member,

We regret that we have not been communicating for quite some time.
Please find below a note from Prabasi Secretary on when Kali Puja will
be announced and why it has been delayed. Also read below a couple of
more items related to flood relief and community news.

In this mail:
   1. Specia note from Prabasi Secretary
   2. Sit-and-draw competition during Durga Puja
   3. Community news - plays, dance
   4. Flood relief donation status


I, on behalf of the Prabasi Board, do apologize for this late
notification to all you members. I guess we, the Board of directors
and the volunteers, were quite exhausted and saturated after working
really hard for the Durga Puja, which I'm hope  all of you enjoyed.
Also, as you know, the puja was preceded by a series of big cultural
programs (Swagata Laxmi, Manna Dey, Indrani Sen) and each one of them
was had challenges of their own, demanding significant effort on our
part. Though we, the board of directors and the volunteers, somehow
managed to keep up with all these in spite of our demanding
professional and personal lives, but we needed some breathing space.
Now, as we got closer to celebrating the Kali Puja, we started facing
some logistical difficulties. The purpose of this email is, not only
to share with you the current issues we are having to deal with for
arranging Kali Puja, but also to make you aware of certain ill-
intended propaganda by certain members of our community, so that you
are not misguided by such negative messages from people with personal

We were a little late in reserving a suitable venue for Kali Puja, and
as a result, we are just not able to find a place suitable (large)
enough for this event. All the significant facilities (large enough to
accommodate Prabasi members) seem to be heavily booked through the
whole month of November (specially all the week-ends). Though, after a
lot of persuasion and negotiation, we seem to have found a couple of
potential venues, we are still in the process of evaluating them so
that it is convenient enough for most of our members. We will be
sending the final plan by coming Monday.

I hope you will understand the situation and would not allow this
delay to dampen your festive attitude. It is really wonderful that we
have seen a great response in Prabasi membership this year, but it is
also bringing with it the challenges of having to manage events which
are much larger in scale.

I appeal to all of you again to please come forward, volunteering to
help us arrange our events; we really need more active participation
from more of you.

I would like to thank you again for your patience and looking forward
to see you all in the Kali Puja which is coming up very soon. Please
wait for our next email with the detail program information and

- Arnab Debnath
Prabasi Secretary


The paintings/drawings by the winners will be displayed during
the Kali-Puja, and can be collected by the respective participants
(or their parents).

There are still three unclaimed prizes :
  1. Sampurna Basu (Age group 4-7) : 1st prize
  2. Shiti Ghosh (Age Group 4-7)   : 2nd prize
  3. Aditya Saha (Age Group : 8-11): 3rd prize


A Bengali Play by Badal Sircar (Pagla Ghoda) will be staged on
Saturday, Nov 4, at 6:30 pn at Cupertino High School. It is presented
by Indo-American Community Service Center. Please visit the following
link for more details: 
Chhandam Events : A lecture demonstration by Chitresh Das will be held
for three days on Oct 29, Nov 1 and Nov 4. Visit: 


We have collected only $3500 so far for West Bengal flood relief. We
are still lagging far behind from our $10,000 target. Please send your
relief donation quickly so that it can be utilized to save human
lives. Your continued support will be very much appreciated.

Please make the check payable to "Bay Area Prabasi Inc." and write
"Flood Relief" in the memo field. The address is as follows:

Bay Area Prabasi Inc.
5270 Rooster Drive
San Jose  CA 95136

For those of you who have not had a chance to gauge the depth of
devastation, please visit to see pictures of the damage and news coverage.

Remember, your donations are tax-deductible.

Once again, thanks for opening up your heart and donating whole-

- Anupam Bagchi
Prabasi Webmaster

                                              Dated: 11/02/2000
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.