Subject: Appeal: Quake Relief Fund Raising Effort
Dated: Feb 05, 2001
Dear Member,

Today as we look at the devastation in Gujarat, we can only be happy
that we are safe and sound in our own homes here in the Land of
Opportunity, Comfort, and Financial Success. The suffering of people
who have lost not only their homes but also their families, their good
health, but also everything is almost incomprehensible to us.

Can you imagine the plight of a mother rescued from a fate worse than
death as she lay for five days beside the dead body of her 15 year-old
son? Now rescued, she may wish that she never was rescued as she faces
a future with out a family, a home or any support. What about a single
survivor from an entire peer group, a young boy pulled out from the
rubble of his school? Where will he get an education? Will he get
counseling for the traumatic experience he has been through?  Or will
even more mundane things like a bed, food and clothing be bigger
issues for him before he begins to worry about school?

Thousands are dead. But though we mourn them, it is the living we need
to concern ourselves about.  The cost to put back what remains of
their lives and cities runs into Billions.  Let us do what little we
can to help them. Please send your Donation to Bay Area Prabasi, 5270
Rooster Drive, San Jose, CA. 95136 and write "Earthquake Relief" in
the memo field.

Bay Area Prabasi has set for us a goal of only $20,000 within the
next week. We are over a 1,000 members in our association and even if
each one of us were to contribute $50 we would double our goal.

Please Anupam,@* let your heart and compassion go out to the survivor
Put your hands in your pockets and give whatever little you can: the
price of a movie ticket, a dinner with your family, a new outfit, a
story book, or a tank of gas.  Let us be thankful for all our
blessings and our comfort and give whatever we can spare even if we
choose not to give till it hurts.

Let us pray that we never have such misfortunes in our life and share
some of our good fortune with those that have suffered so greatly.


- Shyamal Choudhury
On Behalf Of The Board Of Directors

                                              Dated: 02/05/2001
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.