Subject: Prabasi Boishakhi Program on June 24
Dated: May 06, 2001
Dear Member,

We are glad to announce that the Annual Boishakhi Program will be held
in Chabot College Auditorium on Sunday, June 24th from 4:00PM onwards.
Attractions are a full length play of 1hr. 15 min by Ajaantrik - a Bay
Area drama group followed by a 2 hour musical program by two of the
most prominent musical stars of Epar and Opar Bangla : Suman
Chatterjee (Kabir Suman) and Sabina Yasmin. The second part of the
program will be a ticketed event with a heavy discount for Prabasi


Kahini/nattya-rup/parichalona : Kishor Chatterjee

Abhinaya: Rina Banerjee, Sipra Ghosh, Pritha Chatterjee, Bibek Ghosh,
Santu Chatterjee, Aniruddaha Banerjee, Arjun Banerjee, Shantanu
Banerjee, Biswa Das, Amitabha Bakshi.

Music: Prasenjit Biswas

Story: Hrishita, Anuja and Kurchi are friends, they want to live with
an ideology, with a belief,.. Hrishata wants a so called successful
husband but Atanu her boyfriend is a poet... Kurchi wants to be a real
honest journalist but Subodh Sarker is a corrupted politician.
Anuja's soulmate Santanu is a revolutionist. ...and Subhankar never
express that he loves Anuja...........let's find out finally when they
get together at the old age, can they sing together "agun-er parashmoni
cho-ao praan-e e jibon punna karo".

This drama is free for all Prabasi annual members.


Suman Chatterjee, a songwriter, singer and musician extraordinaire
from Kolkata, West Bengal - appeared on the Calcutta music scene in
1966, at the age of 17. His first gramophone disc of songs of
Rabindranath Thakur was cut in 1972. Although formally trained in
vocal music since his childhood, he elected various other career paths
including that of journalism. He spent 13 years in Germany and in the
USA, working as an international radio broadcaster. At the same time
he was learning the western classical guitar and different genres of

He became a full time singer-songwriter-musician in 1991, and his
self-composed songs won him enormous acclaim with the release of his
first album in 1992. Almost overnight, he became a cult figure,
especially among the young people. Over the last 9 years he has been
accepted in West Bengal as a pioneer who transformed the modern
Bengali song by making it truly contemporary and global. Till now, he
has over two hundred recorded and published songs to his credit,
including songs for children, for the theatre and for films. He has
written the score for 5 films, and one of them got him the Best Music
Director and Best Lyricist award. He happens to be the only singer-
songwriter in the Indian subcontinent with whom the great American
folk singer Mr. Pete Seeger performed jointly on two concerts, held in
Kolkata in 1996. Mr. Pete Seeger also did the background music for Mr.
Sudipto Chatterjee’s documentary film on Suman, Free to Sing. Apart
from giving concert tours all over India, Bangladesh, USA and
Australia, Suman was invited by the Voice of Germany to compose a
ballad in Bangla, commemorating the Tenth Anniversary of the Fall of
the Berlin Wall, and to perform it before an international audience in
Cologne in 1999. He has recently participated in the first time ever
Internet Opera, Virtopera, along with the counter tenor Richard
Maxwell and Jane Bogart under the direction of the famous German
composer, Mr. Eberhard Schoener. Suman started composing for Sabina in
1998 and has already published two albums with her. They have made
collaborative concerts in Kolkata, Dhaka, the USA and Australia.

Sabina Yasmin is one of the best voices of all times and one of the
most popular singers of the Indian subcontinent. Sabina started
singing for films, radio and gramophone companies as a child. She has
reigned supreme in the Bangladesh music industry for the last 32
years. She is one of those few vocalists who are equally sought for in
Bangladesh as well as in India. Till now she has recorded more than 9
thousand songs. Equally proficient in Modern songs as well as Folk
songs, she has won the hearts of millions of people all over the
world. As a member of the National Cultural Delegations she has
performed in China, Japan, UAE, Hongkong, Thailand, Malaysia, India,
Uzbekistan, Greece, Germany, UK, Sweden and Norway. She has also made
numerous concert tours in USA, Canada, Italy, France, Bahrain, Qatar,
Kuwait, Pakistan and Australia.

She has received the Shadhinota Puroshkar (The Freedom Award), the
highest award in Bangladesh, in addition to the prestigious Ekushey
Padak (The February 21 Medallion) and Jatiyo Cholochchitro Puroshkar (
the National Film Award), which she has received ten times till now.
In India, the Bengal Film Journalists’ Association has also honored
her with their Best Playback Singer Award.

The musical program of Suman/Sabina will be attended by many Bengali
speaking people of the Bay Area (including Bangla Deshi's) who may not
be Prabasi members. Therefore this event will be ticketed. The
announcement for the ticket rates will go out soon and tickets will be
available after that. If you are a Prabasi member for the current
year, your ticket rates will be discounted.


- Anupam Bagchi
Prabasi Webmaster

                                              Dated: 05/06/2001
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.