Subject: Reminder: Baishakhi coming Sunday June 24
Dated: Jun 21, 2001
Dear Member,

Prabasi's annual program for 2001 will be held coming Sunday, 24th of
June from 4:00pm, at the Chabot College auditorium, Hayward. We have a
full length Bengali drama presented by our popular local group
Ajantrik (Director: Kishor Chatterjee). The drama will be followed by
solo musical performances by two well known artists from Kolkata -
Haimanti Shukla and Saikat Mitra. Haimanti Shukla should not require
any introduction. Saikat is the son of legendary singer Shyamal Mitra
and is well known on his own in the domain of Adhunik Bengali songs.

More details are at: 
In this mail:
      1. Ticket Rates for Professional Program
      2. Community News - Appeal to help Leukomeia patient

We are nearing the end of our financial year and looking back, we are
proud to observe that this was one of the most active years in terms
of the number of quality performances we had been able to offer to our
membership. We started the year with Swagata Lakshmi Dasguta followed
by Manna Dey and Indrani Sen. During the Durga/Kali Puja we had
Lopamudra Mitra, Promita Mallik, Sriradha Bannerjee and Utpalanedu
Chudhury. You had been able to enjoy all these performances as a
benefit of your Prabasi membership.

As you are aware that the cost of rental for holding the various Pujas
and performances has increased significantly in the last couple of
years. The number of Prabasi members has also increased significantly
and thus we require one of the largest facilities in the Bay area to
arrange any of these occasions. For example, only facilities cost for
last year's Durga Puja was close to $20K.

Typically the Prabasi Annual program had been a free event for the
members; this year we will be able to offer the drama for free for the
members but we will offer the musical event at a heavily discounted
rate for the members. This will enable us to maintain our budget for
the current year and offer you many exciting programs in the coming
year. We hope you will be able to appreciate the reason for paying for
a part of the annual program.

Following are ticket rates for the members and non-members:
$10 per head for Prabasi members (children free)
$20 per head for non-members
$10 per head for Patron members (reserved seating)
Tickets will be available from June 11, 2001

We would encourage you to buy the tickets early, though tickets will
be available at the venue of the program.

You could get tickets by contacting the following people:

Prasenjit Biswas : (408)-253-3727
Surajit Sengupta : (408)-973-1294
Rana Bose :(510)797-8679
Ardhendu Raha :(510)651-9149
Shompa Bhattacharya :(408)366-2637


The Bose family was a happy Bengali family living in Bihar. But, that
was until middle of last year. Their dreams shattered when their
daughter Bipasa (2-1/2) was diagnosed to be suffering from Acute
Lymphoblastic Leukemeia. She is now undergoing treatment at Tata
Memorial Hospital, Mumbai since last December.

Mother Pampa Bose(37) was diagnosed having breast cancer about the
same time. She has been operated upon since then and recovering

The family is devasted, as we can well-imagine. They have sold their
property to meet the expenses.

We appeal to all of you to contribute some, however small it is, to
this great cause. Many of us have already been contributing to such
causes already, which is to be much-appreciated. Since most of us are
better-off now than before, it sort of becomes imperative on us to
share the grief and problems of our friends, relatives and countrymen
back at home.

Please write your tax-free checks in the name Lily Foundation and mail
to P.O. Box 59824, Dallas, TX 75229. Mark the check for Pampa Bose. We
will send you a receipt with IRS Tax ID on it. 
Other Community News Events:
Natak "Ballabhpurer Rupkatha" this week-end on June 23rd at 5:00pm.
Click link below: 
Bengali Singles event this week-end on June 23rd: See link below. 
Just a clarification: The above cultural programs are just Community
events and have no affiliation with Prabasi.

Hoping to see you this Sunday!


- Anupam Bagchi
Prabasi Webmaster

                                              Dated: 06/21/2001
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.