Subject: Indian Film Festival Announcement on Radio
Dated: Aug 25, 2001
Dear Member,

The film festival details have mostly been sorted out, and the web-page
is being updated as soon as information arrives. Please keep yourself
tuned to the web-site 
on a regular basis. It also has the latest details on the screening

Also, tune in to KEST 1450AM  on Sunday August 26, between 2:15 to
2:45pm.   Ree Mitra, a Prabasi Board Member, and Mrinal Sarkar
will be discussing details of the upcoming Festival of Films from
India (to be held on Sept 7-8-9 and Sept 14-15-16, 2001)

Here are the details from the web-page as of Aug 24.

            Festival of Films from India
             (with English Subtitles)
                 Presented by

                Bay Area Prabasi Inc.
             (A Non-Profit Organization)

      September 7, 8, 9 and 14, 15 & 16, 2001

         At the NAZ 8 Cinemas (Fremont HUB)
                39400 Argonaut Way
                 Fremont, CA 94538
            (510) 797-2000 or 797-1000

      8:30PM (Fri.) / 1PM, 3 PM, 6PM (Sat. & Sun.)
                      $8.00 each

 Value Package at $50.00 per person (for 7 movies savings of $6.00)

Films are National & International award winner and have been
screened in various International Film Festivals around the world.

                           Films to be screened:

   Ganastru(Enemy of the People) 100 min.Directed by Satyajit Ray,
   Cast: Soumitra Chatterjee, Dhritiman, Mamata Shankar.

   Chockh(The Eye) 99 min. Directed by Utpalendu Chakravarty, Cast: Om
   Puri, Shyam Jalan, Smita Patil

   Amrita Kumbher Sandhaney (The Quest for the Golden Pitcher) Directed
   by Dilip Roy , Cast: Subhendu Chatterjee, Aparna Sen, Anup Kumar,
   Ruma Guhathakurta

   Ashook (Malaise) 141 min. Directed by Rituparno Ghosh Cast: Soumitra
   Chatterjee, Debasree Roy

   Chupi Chupi (Quietly) Directed by Basu Chatterji (INDO-Bangladesh
   joint venture film) Cast Soumitra Chatterjee, Ferdous, Asad,

   Dekha (Meeting) Directed by Goutom Ghosh Cast: Soumitra Chatterjee,
   Debasree Roy, Indrani Halder

   Ek Je Aachhe Kanya (She was a Girl) Directed by Subrato Sen

   Antarghat (The War Within) Director Thathagato Bhattacharya
   (Bengali, no subtitles)
   Cast: Victor Banerjee, Debasree Roy, Pompy Bhattacharya ( From Bay

   Saptapadi (Seven Steps) 130 min. Directed by Ajoy Kar, Cast Uttam
   Kumar & Suchitra Sen

   Award winning Documentary Films (two) Directed by Abhijit Chatterjee
   Titles later

               Film                   Screening Time

                                      FRI SEP 7TH AT 8:30
               DEKHA                  PM
                                      SAT SEP 15TH AT 1:00
                                      SAT SEP 8TH AT 1:00
               GANASATRU              PM
                                      SUN SEP 16TH AT 1:00
                                      SAT SEP 8TH AT 3:00
               AMRIT KEMBHER          PM
               SANDHANEY              SUN SEP 16TH AT 6:00
                                      SAT SEP 8TH AT 6:00
               CHUPI CHUPI            PM
                                      SUN SEP 16TH AT 3:00
                                      SUN SEP 9TH AT 1:00
               ASHOOK                 PM
                                      SAT SEP 15TH AT 6:00
                                      SUN SEP 9H AT 3:00 PM
               CHOKH                  SAT SEP 15TH AT 3:00
                                      SUN SEP 9TH 6:00 PM
               EK JE ACHHE KANYA      FRI SEP 14TH AT 7:30


            Tuku Ganguly (408)246-0285, Ree Mitra (510)797-8310
       Prasenjit Biswas (408)253-3727, Reema Mukherjee (408)844-9441
         Rana Bose (510)797-8679, Shompa Bhattacharya (408)366-2637
      Shyamal Choudhury (408)629-1506, Surajit Sengupta (408)973-1294
                        Sulata Sarkar (510) 795-1956

Email: fremont_filmfest

- Anupam Bagchi
Prabasi Webmaster

                                              Dated: 08/25/2001
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.