Subject: Final Film Festival Schedule
Dated: Sep 01, 2001
Dear Member,

Come One! Come All!  Tickets are now available at NAZ8 cinemas for the
upcoming Festival of Films from India (Sponsored by The Bay Area
Prabasi). You can pick up tickets on Saturday, Sunday and Monday(Sept
1, 2,3 2001)
from 1 to 5 pm

For those of you who can not come in person, please check our site: 
Scroll down and complete the "purchase by fax" form in order to
reserve your tickets.  We have been receiving an extremely large
number of inquiries, so please reserve your tickets today!

NAZ 8 Cinemas (Fremont HUB)
39400 Argonaut Way
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 797-2000 or 797-1000

Here is the final schedule:

                Schedule for Friday, Sep 7 to Sunday, Sep 9
                Date            Film          Start  End
               FRI SEP
               7TH     Festival Inauguration  7:30PM 8:00PM
               FRI SEP DEKHA 140 min
               7TH     (Perception)           8:00 PM 10:30PM
               FRI SEP
               7TH     Q&A for DEKHA          10:30PM 11:00PM

               SAT SEP GANASATRU 100min
               8TH     (The Enemy of the      1:00 PM 2:40PM
                       AMRITA KUMBHER
               SAT SEP SANDHANE 100 min
               8TH     (The Quest for the     4:00 PM 5:40PM
                       Golden Pitcher)
                       Antarghaat 140 min
               SAT SEP (The War Within)
               8TH     Bengali Language - No  4:00PM  6:20PM
               SAT SEP CHUPI CHUPI 140 min
               8TH     (The Secret)           7:00 PM 9:20PM
               SUN SEP ASOOKH 140 min
               9TH     (Malaise)              1:00 PM 3:20PM
               SUN SEP CHOKH 100min
               9TH     (The Eye)              4:00 PM 5:40PM

               SUN SEP EK JE ACHHE KANYA 140
               9TH     min                    7:00 PM 9:20PM
                       (There is a Girl)

               Schedule for Friday, Sep 14 to Sunday, Sep 16
                 Date            Film          Start End

               FRI SEP   EK JE ACHHE KANYA 140
               14TH      min                   7:30PM 10:00PM
                         (There is a Girl)
               SAT SEP   DEKHA 140 min         1:00
               15TH      (Perception)          PM    3:20PM
               SAT SEP   CHOKH 100min
               15TH      (The Eye)             4:00PM 5:40PM
               SAT SEP   ASOOKH 140 min        7:00
               15TH      (Malaise)             PM     9:20PM

               SUN SEP   GANASATRU 100min      1:00
               16TH      (The Enemy of the     PM     2:40PM
               SUN SEP   CHUPI CHUPI 140 min
               16TH      (The Secret)          4:00PM 6:20PM
                         AMRITA KUMBHER
               SUN SEP   SANDHANE 100 min      7:00
               16TH      (The Quest for the    PM     8:40PM
                         Golden Pitcher)
                         Antarghaat 140 min
               SUN SEP   (The War Within)      7:00
               16TH      Bengali Language - No PM     9:20PM

The movie: "Antarghat" has shipped and will be here on
time.  Remember, this film does not have subtitles and
it is not part of the $50.00 value package.  There will
be a separate $8.00 charge for this movie.

Web-site: Email:    fremont_filmfest

- Anupam Bagchi
Prabasi Webmaster

                                              Dated: 09/01/2001
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.