Subject: Prabasi Membership for 2001-2002
Dated: Sep 23, 2001
Dear Member,

Bay Area Prabasi cordially invites you to become a member for the new
fiscal year (2001-2002). Membership begins with our first event, Durga
Puja and ends the day we have our Annual program.

In this mail:
      1. Message from Chairman
      2. How to renew your membership
      3. Becoming a new member


Bay Area Prabasi Inc.- a non profit organization since 1974 - operates
membership affairs predominantly through member's generous donations.
There are numerous benefits of becoming a member. Members will receive
free access to most of the cultural programs during the Durga Puja,
Kali Puja, Saraswati Puja and the Annual Program.  These events alone
encompass 5 to 6 days worth of entertainment programs.  Furthermore,
there will be various special events presented by Prabasi that will be
available to you at a substantially reduced "membership" rate.

This year is a difficult year. Our country is at War with terrorists
and many of us are affected directly or indirectly. Prabasi has
offered condolences and participated in a candlelight vigil last week
at Naz -8 Cinemas.   This year, the cultural celebration during the
Puja will be held with a solemn note due to the horrific tragedy.
Even though all the artists mentioned have signed and committed to
perform for Prabasi prior to the WTC disaster, we will not be able to
guarantee the timeliness of these shows due to the stricter
immigration rules. Any cancellation of a pre-announced program will be
provided at a convenient date in the near future.

Membership Type  Rate before Oct 21st,2001  Rate after Oct 21st,2001
Couple                      $110                 $130
Single                      $60                  $80
Dependent >5 years          $25                  $30
Donor	*Min.          $250 per couple 	  *Min. $250 per couple
Student Single/Couple       $45/$70              $50/$90

*Min. $50.00 for each additional dependents of donors

FREE for everyone: All three Puja Events (Bhog, etc) .
FREE Cultural (except for special ticketed item) events for members.

Donors are eligible for free membership as well as the following

1.	Dinner/Lunch/Snacks during whole day events
2.	Reserved Seating
3.	Special catering services

Bay Area Prabasi is proud to announce that they will issue community
who put in 20 hours of volunteer service at the major events. You may
contact our event coordinator for Durga Puja Shompa Bhattacharya at
(408)366-2637 for details.

The following events have been finalized:

Events          Date                    Venue
Durga Puja      3rd,4th Nov 2001        Chabot College, Hayward CA
Kali Puja       17th Nov., 2001         Chabot College, Hayward CA
Saraswati Puja  16th Feb, 2002          Hindu Temple, Sunnyvale CA
Annual Day      29th June,2002          Amador , Pleasanton

The Board of Directors of Bay Area Prabasi wishes to thank you in
advance for your loyal support.  We look for ways in which we can work
together and ascertain constructive feedback in order to make future
events more enjoyable and successful.


You may now renew your membership from the web by giving your
registration number and your renewal code as follows:

Membership Number: 19982066
Renewal Code: QNMW0AULZBAB

Simply go to 
and type in the above information in the first and third fields
respectively. Special discounted rates are available for early
registrants till Oct 10. For accounting convenience, we prefer credit-
card payment. This option is available to all our members. We
outsource all our credit-card verification to a competent third-party
who do all transactions securely.

For membership rates visit: 

To become new members please fill out membership form at: and continue all through credit-card payment. You will receive your
membership number and password immediately.

If you are uncomfortable with internet payment, please print the page
and send a fill-in form with your check made payable to:
"Bay Area Prabasi Inc" to:

Bay Area Prabasi Inc.
P.O. Box 10385
San Jose CA 95157

Thanks for your support during all these years. We are looking forward
to your continued support in the years to come.


- Anupam Bagchi
Prabasi Webmaster

                                              Dated: 09/23/2001
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.