Subject: Discounted Rates: Only 3 days left, Mahalaya
Dated: Oct 19, 2001
Dear Member,

Our records indicate that your Membership status is as below:

Status: Confirmed

If your status shows 'Unconfirmed', it means that you may be missing
out on the discounted rates available till October 21 if you do not
act soon. If it shows 'Confirmed', it means we have received your
payment and wish to thank you for your membership. In case you have
sent your payment, and it still shows 'Unconfirmed', you need to let
us know about this discrepancy by going to the Feedback section of our

Prabasi invites its members for a renewal once every year before Durga
Puja; so the time is now. This enables you to take full advantage of
our programs all year round.

Our Durga Puja will be on the weekend of November 2. We have some
exciting cultural events for Durga Puja:

*) Amit Kumar and Full Orchestra
*) Arati Mukherjee and Orchestra
*) Usha Uthup and Orchestra

Membership rates will go up after October 21st, and you do not want to
unnecessarily pay more for the same benefits just for procrastinating.

Non-members can see the cultural programs for a flat fees of $45.00
per person for the entire week-end. Children who do not occupy a seat
are FREE. A couple member will therefore pay $90.00 for the week-end.
Prabasi members, on the other hand, will see all the three programs
for FREE.

As you can see, this rate is far greater than the annual membership
rate of $110.00 which not only covers you for the Durga Puja week-end,
but also for Kali Puja, Saraswati Puja and our Annual Day function in
Spring 2002. So becoming a member now, turns out to be a big saving
over the entire year.

Prabasi also organizes many events throughout the year including
relief and charity efforts. This year we have decided to donate 5% of
our earnings to the Red Cross for the healing of America.

Here are our membership rates for the current year (unchanged since
last year):

Membership Type  Rate before Oct 21st,2001  Rate after Oct 21st,2001
Couple                      $110                 $130
Single                      $60                  $80
Dependent >5 years          $25                  $30
Donor	*Min.          $250 per couple 	  *Min. $250 per couple
Student Single/Couple       $45/$70              $50/$90

*Min. $50.00 for each additional dependents of donors

Donors are eligible for free membership as well as the following

1. Dinner/Lunch/Snacks during whole day events
2. Reserved Seating
3. Special catering services

The following events have been finalized for the rest of the year:

Events          Date                    Venue
Durga Puja      3rd,4th Nov 2001        Chabot College, Hayward CA
Kali Puja       17th Nov., 2001         Chabot College, Hayward CA
Saraswati Puja  16th Feb, 2002          Hindu Temple, Sunnyvale CA
Annual Day      29th June,2002          Amador , Pleasanton


Mahalaya will be broadcast at 1450 AM this week-end. Please note the
following timings:

Saturday: Oct 20th 9:00AM - 11:00AM
Sunday: Oct 21st 11:00 - 12 Noon


In case your status is 'Unconfirmed', you may renew your membership
from the web by giving your registration number and your renewal code
as follows:

Membership Number: 19982066
Renewal Code: QNMW0AULZBAB

Simply go to 
and type in the above information in the first and third fields
respectively. For accounting convenience, we prefer credit-
card payment. This option is available to all our members.


- Anupam Bagchi
Prabasi Webmaster

                                              Dated: 10/19/2001
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.