Subject: Minutes of GBM, Yoga and Republic Day celebration
Dated: Dec 04, 2001
Dear Member,

This mail has three sections:

(1) Minutes of the General Body Meeting on Nov 17, 2001
(2) Reminder: Yoga classes for Prabasi members
(3) Republic Day celebrations on Jan 26, 2002


Date :  Chabot College on Nov. 17, 2001
 * Income and Expenses for Financial Year July 1st,
   2000 to June 30th, 2001
 * Amendments to our Bylaws
 * Future 2001 onward

Income Expense report

Shyamal Choudhury, the previous Chairman, presented the Income and
Expense Report  for FY2000 to all the members during the meeting.
Shyamal initiated open discussion on financial result. Members were
asked to participate in Q & A session.

Expense Distribution slide was presented by the current Chairman
Surajit Sengupta, explaining in details the majority of the expense
category. It also included the justification of selecting Chabot
college as a prime facility for Prabasi’s events.


Amendments to the Bye Laws was presented and the members approved the
following changes in Bye Laws:

 -     Email Notification to be considered as Official
Communication of Prabasi. Hard Copy Mail will be sent
only once in a year.

-	Involuntarily life-long termination for those
members indulging in fouls language to express his/her
views or engages in activities detrimental to the well
being of the organization.

-	Yearly membership will end on the Annual day event
and renewal will start immediately after the annual
day event.

Members approved Trustee Committee to be formed by Prabasi Board.
Formation of the trustee was suggested for purpose of creating a
governing body responsible for the long-term planning and fiscal
responsibility of Prabasi's fund.

The Bylaws will go through the board approval. After consultation with
Prabasi's lawyer it will be part of the constitution.

Future 2001 onward

Surajit presented the vision statement:
"To build a permanent place for Prabasi."

Surajit emphasized the involvement of our children in Prabasi's
activities, which is a major concern. He requested member Angira Dey
(who in the past has created many successful events engaging children)
to lead a committee for children activities. Similarly a Youth
committee was formed.

Other suggestions to the Board:

 - Ramen Chatterjee suggested having a retirement
Committee to look after the needs of retiring people.

-  Mrinal Sarkar suggested the Board form a Bylaws
Committee to amend/modify the bylaws.

-  Sukumar Mukherjee Suggested a Sports Committee. Mr.
Mukherjee has volunteered to lead the activities.

Surajit informed the members that an Election committee for electing
new directors for Prabasi Board under the Chairmanship of Shyamal
Choudhury has been formed.

Announcement: On Thursday Nov 29th Board selected Shompa Bhattacharya
to lead the committee for the amendments of the Bylaws.


Just a reminder for members to know that Yoga classes are going on in
the Sunnyvale Temple, Mondays and Wednesdays.

Prabasi is proud to announce that starting 28th Nov 2001, for the next
five weeks (Mondays and Wednesdays), the famous Yoga Guruji Dr K. M
Ganguli will be teaching Prabasi Members the art of living a better
life, free of diseases through Yoga Practice. He will be focusing on
blood pressure, stress reduction, diabetes and other common ailments.

Dr. Ganguli, Yoga Ratna, President of Indian Yoga Society, Vice
President of Federation of Indian Yoga training and Research
Association, Kolkata is a resident of Bhopal and has been practicing
Yoga for more than 65 years. Our Prime Minister, President and other
dignitaries have honored him and are also students of Dr. Ganguli.

Classes will be held at the Sunnyvale Hindu Temple, 420-450 Persian
Drive, Sunnyvale, CA on Mondays and Wednesdays between 7 to 8 PM.
Please bring a mat of your body size for the asanas.


We are having a cultural event to celebrate our Indian Republic Day on
Saturday, the 26th, Jan 2002.

Among other cultural programmme, we will be presenting 'Chitrangoda'
the famous Ballet composed by Tagore.

We are looking for some participants, girls in the age group of 12 to
16 years. The requirement would be some dance exposure in any form of
Indian Classical Dance form. There will be an audition to join the
ballet . The rehearsals will be held at Cupertino. For further
information contact Angira Dey at 408 863 0545.


- Anupam Bagchi
Prabasi Webmaster

                                              Dated: 12/04/2001
                      BAY AREA PRABASI INC.