Kali Puja 1999

Kali Puja was celebrated on November 13,1999 at Livermore temple, Livermore, CA.

The Idol of Godess Kali was procured recently from Calcutta

Scenes from a cultural programme by Sumitra Guha.

Durga Puja 1999

Durga Puja 1999 was celebrated from October 22 to 24, 1999 at Foothill College Campus, Los Altos. Below are glimpses of the events that occured.

The Deity was housed inside a traditional style canopy.
Shown is the decoration inside the canopy and puja preparations.


Shown above are glimpses of Sindoor Khela and a view of the canopy.

Professional Cultural...

This year's big attraction was the show by Mumbai artist, Abhijit along with Zeba.
Shown above are some shots from the show and the excited crowd.

Renowned vocalist Rezwana Chowdhury "Bonna" treated us with a program of
contemporary and traditional songs.

Local Cultural...

Scenes from play Ektu Aalo.

Other scenes from "Shobaar Bhaalo-bashaar Gaan" and "Jayatanya"


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