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Kali Puja 2002

Symphony of Nature

The daughters of Nature, created out of Nature's own elements, are glorious in their beauty and innocence. They are the seekers of knowledge and truth, and harmony They play with the delicate flowers and other gentle creatures of the wild. Together they sing in rapturous praise of the author of this beautiful earth. As they wander through the forest during their journey, by the quiet streams and magnificent meadows -- the blue mountains and tall trees shield them from all evil. Gentle forces of nature wrap them in a capsule of love, kindness, honesty and piety.



From the dark corners of the forest, a red finger for temptation beckons them into a narrow alley!  All of a sudden the sky is overcast with evil clouds. Fiery arms of anger leap at them and jealousy claws at their hearts. They plunge into an abyss of deceit.  Vengeance flashes it's teeth like lightning and violence engulfs them in throes of destruction.

They raise their arms in despair and call Mother Nature for help.

A gentle breeze of goodness ushers in tranquility, joy, piety, humility and peace again. Forgiveness lights up the sky like a canopy of stars.  Thus, Good triumphs over Evil, and harmony is established on Earth. The joy of Creation is celebrated through the Symphony of Nature.


Born in Kolkata, Alak Roy Choudhury has cultivated a systematic and disciplined training from his childhood day at "DAKSHINEE", a well-known centre for Tagore's Songs at Kolkata.

With the completion of training, Alak's Professional approach in due course as a singer became praiseworthy. His versatility includes: Rabindra Sangeet, Nazrulgeeti, Modern and Old Bengali Songs, Songs from Drama, Patriotic Songs and Parody Songs. Infact his easy approach to the various sectors of Bengali Music has added a new dimension to his challenging career. He has already established himself as a popular singer.

Alak performed in the main role as a actor singer in the famous drama "NATHABATI ANATHABAT" (Directed by SHAONLI MITRA) of Pancham Vaidic. He was felicitated by the Rabindra sangeet Sammelan, Kolkata as the best upcoming singer in the year 1982.

A regular and distinguished Artist of Radio & Television, he has performed various musical concerts since 1982, which have given much pleasure and entertainment to the elites Kolkata and abroad. Over ten solo albums of cassettes and CD's published by reputed concerns like HMV SA RE GA MA, BHAVNA, ATLANTIS, SOUNDWING, BISWAS RECORDS (USA), won immense popularity.

Alak's rich baritone voice, exquisite diction, impeccable 'gayaki' and the total command over the subject has won him high acclaims wherever he has performed. Alak is one aspirant who is level headed enough to reach the pinnacle of success.

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"How much of the tradition of Bengali music can you pack into a single album. For Alak Roychoudhury this was quite a challenge and he lives up it commendably in the CD Collection (KI JADU BANGLA GANE)." - The Statesman

"Fascinating was the performance of Alak Roychoudhury who tried to recall the lyrical & notational richness of Bengali light songs composed and popularized in the sixties. His rendering of a Mukundadas number was specially remarkable".


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