PRODUCED BY: Ashok Dhanuka and Himanshu Dhanuka   DIRECTED BY: Rajiv KumarMUSIC BY: Jeet Ganguly        
CAST: Arijit Dutta, Dev (Deepak Adhikary), Shrabanti, Arun Banerjee
Dujone is already being very well received by the audience in India and now the film is ready to premiere for its NRI audience!
Durga Puja 2009: Cultural Programs
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Akash (Dev) is the son of the industrialist Pratap chowdhury (Arun Banerjee), who only knows money  and business and has no time for his son. Meghna (Shrabanti), on the other hand comes from a poor family, comprising of her nightmarish  pishima. Both Meghna and Akash studies in the same college and despite initially being at loggerheads, they fall for each other. But, neither of the families accept this affair.
Both the families try desperately to separate the two. They devised a plan. Both Akash and Meghna were told not to meet each other before the completion of studies. If even after that, they love each other, they can marry. Both were kept in house, arrested in complete isolation from one another, but they establish contaction with the help of friends and a professor. Before long, they escape and reach each other’s house at the same time and from both sides, there is an attempt to kill them. But they flee and meet at a station, from where they together start a journey of odds against a killer hired by Akash’s dad and plenty of other obstacles. All of these leads to a highly dramatic end where the lovers unite.
Rural Bengal has a stereotypical picture in our minds.  Green fields, thatched huts,  village belles frolicking to the rhythm of old Bengal polligeeti.
The scenario has changed drastically. Keeping pace with the urban texture, villages are no more the juke box of dreamy poets and painters.
Let’s follow Mawdon, our protagonist, in Boxigunj-er Collage, to get a feel of the bazaar scene , in such a village. In tune with Bhoomi band, Baul shari songs and fusion concept of  “Then and Now”, this is a Bay Area Youths’ razzmatazz in the lifelike Jai Ho theme.
Smt. Jayanti Purkayastha,  an acclaimed Rabindrasangeet exponent from Kolkata is an alumni of Gitabitan where she had been awarded GeetaBharati  diploma.   She has trained under eminent gurus like Sailajaranjan Majumdar, Kanak Biswas ,Kanika Bandhopadhyay, Nihar Bindu Sen, Sumitra Sen, Nileema Sen and Geeta Sen.  She also received training in Indian Classical music in her childhood.  She started off as a singer and an artist at the All India Radio and Doordarshan  and has  since  transitioned to running her own Rabindrasangeet institution and cultural organization, Sanchari Kalakendra and Prabahinee a cultural institution dedicated to promoting Tagore’s works.   Her institute Sanchari, was chosen as one of the 33 institues from Kolkata and suburbs to participate in the initiative by the Government of West Bengal, "Hajar Kaunthey Rabindrasangeet" staged in the Netaji Indoor Stadium, a presentation in a class of its own.
 She  has evolved over the years as a director with innovative and excellent productions among which are  Roshik RabindraNath, Uday Aster Gaan, Shakuntala, Bilati gaan o Rabinsdrasangeet, Dwandey o Cchondey, Nari Bichitra Rupinee, Imaney Kedaray Behagay Baharey  to name a few, that have been highly praised.  She has also directed other productions like Matri Bhumi Koray Ahvan  with patriotic theme  and Tobo Smrana Khani, based on the compositions of a famous lyricist of the thirties Subodh Purkayastha.  Jayanti Purkayastha has aquired the distinction of presenting Rabindranath and his works in a new mould and her productions are of extremely high standard and have been highly acclaimed all over West Bengal and India.
She  is an examiner of Rabindra Sangeet at the Rabindra Bharati University and has been invited to present and participate in various RabindraSangeet  Conferences all over India and as a judge for Rajya Sangeet Academy, West Bengal Dept of Culture.   She has performed  in and around Kolkata and in various parts of India as invited artist and has staged many of her productions as well.  She conducts workshops on voice training and how to effectively present Rabindrasangeet.  She was also the recipient of a prestigious scholarship from the Government of India for her works on Rabindranath Tagore.  She has also performed several times in the east-coast where her performance has been highly appreciated and has been invited to perform at the BangaMela in Chicago in 2005.  She also perfroms extensively for charitable causes.
EBI and Soundwing have released 2 cassettes in 1994 and 1997 and 2  CDs by Sa Re Ga Ma ( HMV) and Music 2000 are currently underway.
Vapors reflects the creative musical expression of a group of Bay area residents. The music of Vapors has its roots in East Indian folk and contemporary traditions, and is garnished with influences from gentle balladic rock & roll melodies, jazz, alternative Bollywood and new age sounds. The musical refrains of Vapors will diffuse through the performing arena and will appeal to the fine senses of the eclectic Bay area audience.
The VaporsBand in its current state includes 11 members, with 4 vocalists and 7 musical hands. Accompanying music includes Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Keyboard, Drums, Tabla and various percussions such as Khamok, Dhol, Cabasa etc. Vapors' vocalists and musicians have extensive experience performing in front of a live audience. Some of the band members have recorded songs with established Bands in Kolkata and won accolades/prizes in various widely popular competitions in Bengal.
The preliminary website of Vapors is:  http://sites.google.com/site/vaporsbayarea
Please join us for a spectacular show, Ganer Jolshaghore, presented by the ‘Musical Evening’ (www.musicalevening.com ) group, promoting Bay Area Local Talents.
Director: Manidipa Bhattacharya (www.manidipa.com )
Enjoy Bangla Songs – Progressing from from early 18th century Bangla ‘Toppa Gan ‘to Bhumi’s ‘Tomar Dekha Nai’…
You can also enjoy Rabindra Sangeet , ‘Ei Udashi haoyar Pothe’  as well as 'Kader Kuler Bou'..
Whether you like Pratima Banerjee’s ‘Ningaria Neel Saree…’ or Salil Choudhury’s ‘Runner’, ‘Dhitang Dhitang Bole’, you have it all in Ganer Jolshaghore…
Also, who cannot love songs like, ‘Sohag Chand Bodoni Dhoni’ or ‘Doriyay Ailo Toofan’..? You name it and you have it…
Participants (in Random Order):
Sudip Nag, Sonali Bhattacharya, Wazi Saud Chowdhury, Prasenjit Biswas, Manidipa Bhattacharya, Sangeeta Choudhury, Dipa Mondal, Shirshanka Das, Debjani Roy Chattopadhyay
Musical Accompanists:
Ben Kunin (Sarode), Satish Gadagkar (Violin), Anoop Bhattacharya (Tabla), Sukanto Mukherjee (Flute), Siddhartha Chattopadhyay (Lead Guitar), Sanjib Saha (Rhythm Guitar), Subhas Khasnobish (Hawaiian Guitar) Zack Grewal (Drums) and Saud Chowdhury  (KeyBoard)
Swagato Basumallick and Manidipa Bhattacharya