at 7:30 pm
Venue: Chabot College
25555 Hesperian Blvd., Hayward, CA 94545

  See a poster of the program  

  Chabot College seating  

Tickets prices are: $25, $35, $45, $100

To purchase tickets, please call

1. Sushmita Datta at (408) 268-7110
2. Dolon Das at (510) 656-7641
3. Prasenjit Biswas (408) 253-3727

You may also purchase tickets at the box office, but it is best to call early and reserve your ticket to be sure.

Abhijeet is already in US and is performing in LA on Friday, Oct 21.

Abhijeet will perform on Oct 23 with a live band comprising of 7 musicians.Abhijeet was born as Abhijeet Bhattacharya, in a middle-class Bengali family from Kanpur (UP). His parents were against his singing but Abhijeet went against his parent's wishes to become a singer.In Kanpur his family members were all musical, and educated professionals. Money was never a contextual concern.In Kanpur education and culture was all his family courted, leisure was driving around the tree-lined lanes on bicycles.Confident and feted for his success,today the star-singer lives in a Bollywood dream bungalow (named Sunny vistas ) of white façade and red-tiled roof.

He was the apple of the community eye for his singing talents and Pampered and cosseted by a fond family.Abhijeet was the youngest of four brothers. He came to Mumbai in 1981 to study Chartered Accountancy. But owing to his fascination for singing and music he decided to pursue a career in playback singing .Despite being gifted with a melodious voice, he had to struggle for a very long time . But fate had to wait for success.

He was packing his bags after a long struggle in Bombay when he received a call from R.D. Burman to sing for Dev Anands sons debut film. Abhijeet also got to sing with Kishore Kumar, his idol, in the same film. It all happened to Abhijeet as he received a new lease of life when music director Ravindra Jain, gave him an offer to live with him. It was during his stay with Ravindra that Abhijeet's proximity to Bollywood grew in a phased and gradual manner. He began visiting R.D. Burman's residence and started getting frequent opportunities to sing for stage shows. Abhijeet got opportunities to sing as a chorus singer for music directors Rajesh Roshan and Jagjit Singh . Abhijeet won the Filmfare award for the best singer for his song ‘Chand taare' in Yes Boss. But some like the ‘Kurta phaadke' song from Anari No. 1 did not do well but with Baadshah and after that most of the big banner movies and top music composers, the singer has once again hit the top charts.

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