Welcome to Prabasi's Baisakhi Festival at Spangenberger Theater, Palo Alto

Bay Area Prabasi Inc.

Date : Saturday, May 2, 1998




6:30 pm

Gate opens


7:00 pm

Alasha Sayona Charo

Best of Salil Choudhury - an audio/visual display with dances. (1 hr) Overall concept and direction Deepak Sarkar and Keya Sarkar. Dance direction by Susmita Bhatacharya.

8:00 pm

Dinner break

Cost: $3 per plate
Dinner will be available to regular members only if pre-ordered by calling any one of the Prabasi Directors by April 26. Dinner will be free for all members who have pre-paid for food and patron members.

Note : Prabasi is not responsible to provide dinner to attendees who don't call before.

9:00 pm

Dadaar Kirtti

A well known comedy play (2 hrs) directed by Kishor Chatterjee.