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Dadaar Kirtti is a hilarious family play based in rural Bengal. It centers around the pranks of a local leader - a Dada, on an innocent boy Kedaar visiting the village from Calcutta. Kedaar has a crush on Saraswati who happens to stay in the same locality. Dada fools Saraswati's parents into believing that Kedaar is an eligible bachelor for their daughter by making up stories about his great achievements. The plot thickens as Dada falls into one of his own traps, and attempts to get out of it by forging letters - one from Saraswati to Kedaar, the other from Kedaar to Saraswati and a third one from himself to Saraswati.

The story of the play is based on a Bengali film with the same name released in 1980. The play has numerous song and dance sequences mostly Rabindra Sangeet.

Written and Directed by Kishor Chatterjee.

Kishor Chatterjee has, in the past, written and directed other plays in the Bay Area. His past plays were the much acclaimed Basanta Bilaap, and Eeti Raw.